Cool Trendy Hairstyles And Haircuts For Men

An updated man will certainly go for trendy men’s hairstyles. Men today are looking for change in everything. They want to change their appearance now and then. Hair styling is not restricted to women’s hair it is also trending among men. The hairstyle plays a significant role in the appearance of men. So you have to choose the right trendy hairstyles if you want to be in the trend of the era.

Isn’t boring to wear the same monotonous look throughout the year? Jump into the fashion world and get some trendy haircuts for you. This is not a world where you have to do lots of research to get a trendy look that suits you. Just a touch of button will list you hundreds of style that will astonish you. Or you can even ask your stylist he himself will come up with unbelievable number of styles. Are you confused about short listing the trending haircuts? Do not worry. Here are few lists of haircuts filtered just for you keeping in mind the recent trends.

Given below are the new trending hairstyles for men bundled up for you.

Messy Fringes With Wet Look


The all time men’s hairstyles with classic fringes also need styling now and then. Short length or medium length at the sides and back with the lengthy fringes at the front will be totally trendy. Make the fringes trendy by making it messy. All men’s cool hairstyles will look best in the wet look. A gel will make the style total trendy by making the hair look wet and shining. This hairdo is trending even among the ramp models.

Layered Pompadour Hairstyle


Men’s hairstyles with pompadour are an ever diminishing style. This style will make you trendy and neat. The style can be made trendier by layering the pompadour. The layered pompadour with short sides and back help you to style it easily. It will be good for wavy hair too. A styling gel will help to keep your hair in position.

Close Cut Trendy Hairstyle


To get trendy hairstyles you don’t need lots of hair on your scalp always. A close cut can also make you look trendy. The close cuts like buzz cut actually give you a manly look. It spotlights your manly features. Men with beautiful and attractive features can try these close cut hairstyles for men. The shorter hair makes it easy to maintain. It will also be easy to make spikes in short hairs. Styling is easier with the less length saving your time ultimately.

Trendy Spikes


The trend is never complete without spikes. You can check out a large number of hairstyles for men with spikes. Spikes are trending not only among men but also among women. You can see women styling with ease in short spiky hairstyle. It creates an awesome look for men with thick hair. Trendy hairstyles with spikes are possible in thin hair too. But you have to spend enough time to get perfect spikes. Your finger is the best tool to make perfect spikes. The thing about spike hairstyle is that you need a high class styling gel to get an enhancing look and for the long time of the hairstyle. A wet shiny effect makes it sexy.

Long Hair at The Front


This is the current trend in men’s hairstyles. The extremely short hair at the sides and long hair in the front touching the eyes will give you that “Wow” look. You will look younger and cool. It will give you the openness of your character. But still you need the dense hair at the front for an attractive look. If your hair is thin a volumising gel may help you.

By knowing these trendy hairstyles you would have got a walkthrough of the trends in hair styling. You won’t regret trying these new look for sure.

Trendy Shags


This trend was popularized by Justin Bieber. But this hairstyle for men is trending among young men for quite a few times now. Depending on the type of hair it will need very less maintenance. As less as using a gel or mousse. This style goes well with straight hair. If you don’t have a straight hair you can always use a flat iron to straighten it. Still it suits well for naturally straight hair. It suits well for long faces and men with high foreheads. It will enhance their sharp features.

Wavy Shags


These trendy haircuts have lured the young men and teens to try out this look who have naturally wavy hair. This hairstyle can be styled easily with a mousse. But you can leave it to go wild depending on the texture. It is one of the best haircuts for men with wavy hair. It goes well with round face and high cheekbones.

High And Tight Cut


These men’s haircuts are different version of the military cut or the burr cut. The military cut have short hairs all over the head. But this cut has comparatively longer hair on the top and shorter hair at the sides and back. This cut is a head turner and makes you quite noticeable in a crowd. Apparently it will make you a trendy guy. Who seeks attention usually will choose this type of hairstyle. Advantage of this style is less maintenance and the ease with which you can style your hair.



No hairstyle can be trendier than a Mohawk. The Mohawk will go well with both the curly and straight hair. You look more attractive if you color your Mohawk. The Mohawk will go well with either short hairs at the sides or a skin fade at the sides and back. The lengthy hair at the top can be made totally trendy with a heavy styling gel. Adding the wet and shiny look to the texture of your hair will make it a smart attempt.

Side Part


For a person who is not fussy and still want to be trendy no choice can be better than a side part. It can be either in a short hair or a medium lengthy hair. A gel and comb will do the magic of turning you into a trendy neat guy.


Haircuts For Thin Hair

The ageing process takes a toll on our life. Well, to say exactly it takes much of our appearance. The ageing lines, greying of hair and so on are few of them. For men the top most problem is the thinning of hair.  But thinning of hair has so many reasons in itself. The most common is the heredity. If your dad lost his hair as early as twenties you may experience it right from the age of 19. If your dad is full of hair even in his late sixties, then you might enjoy the luxury of thick hair for a long time. But you have so many men’s haircuts for thin hair. Here you will see few haircuts that are carefully been chosen from the abundant styles.

Textured Top

This haircut takes advantage of the texture of your hair to conceal the thinning of hair.


How To Style:

  1. Comb the hair upwards as you blow dry it.
  2. Then with the help of medium hold gel work throughout the hair.
  3. Use your fingers to style the hair and push your hair upwards.
  4. Then finish it with the medium hold spray to highlight the texture

Boardroom Bravado

These Haircuts for men that make a sharp hairstyle spotlights the hairy area fading out the concentration from the bald spots. They make a sharp and crisp look.


How To Style:

  1. Make a side part
  2. Blow dry the hair
  3. Work on the hair with a high hold styling clay to enhance the look

Short And Suitable

This hair comes with close cut at the sides and lots of hair at the top that is pushed forward. This men’s hairstyle looks good on naturally straight hair.


How To Style:

  1. Push your hair forward as you blow dry your hair.
  2. Work a styling cream through your hair.
  3. Then with help of your hand comb it forward.
  4. Finish the style with the medium hold gel.

Free Flowing Haircut

It is a one of the best haircuts for thin hair that make your head look filled with hair. The go for lengthy option is an added advantage. If you have quite a bunch of hair except thinning at few places then you must strongly consider this hairstyle


How To Style:

  1. Drain out the excess hair with the towel.
  2. You will need a high class volumising mousse for giving the required volume for your hair.
  3. Then blow dry your hair and make the root hairs stand up by combing it with your hair or you can use brush to do that.
  4. Push all your hair backward with a casual stroke using your hand.
  5. Then work on a medium hold spray to maintain the look.

Sexy Matte

The short haircuts for men with thin hair with matte finish played along well with the texture of the hair gives the adoring sexy look.


How To Style:

  1. Drain the moisture from your hair.
  2. Blow dry the hair and bedraggle with your hair.
  3. Work you hair with a matte styling cream to get the disheveled look.
  4. The above haircuts for men will brilliantly shadow you hair thinning. They work on the available hair and highlight it.

You have now got the best ideas of the trendy haircuts of the year. Try for yourself and enjoy the look.

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