Best Hairstyles & Haircuts According To Men’s Face Shape

When it comes to choosing a new haircut or hairstyle, most men often face the dilemma of choosing the right styles for themselves. There are a few simple things one must consider and the most important of which would be their face shape. There is no such thing as a standard haircut that would look good on anyone.

To help you understand this better, let’s go through the different steps – from figuring out your face shape to finding the most suitable best hairstyle for it.

What’s Your Face Shape?

For this, you will need a flexible tape measure then follow the guide below.

  1. Take the tape and measure the width across your face, starting from the peak of your right eyebrow arch to that of the left’s.
  2. Put the tape across your cheekbones, measuring it by beginning and ending at the highest parts of it just below the outer corner of the eyes.
  3. Start measuring from the tip of chin, moving to the point of your face where your jaw begins to angle upwards. Multiply the number you get by two so you get the full jawline measurement.
  4. Face Length. For this, start measuring at the center of your hairline down to the tip of your chin.

Once you’ve managed to get all the needed measurements, find the largest out of all four and then, consider the different face shape profiles provide below:

  1. Oval faces tend to have a greater face length when compared to the width of the cheekbones. The forehead measurement is also greater than that of the jawline. The jaw’s angles are also typically rounder instead of sharp.
  2. For this, most of the measurements should be similar or close in number. The jaw’s angle is typically sharper instead of appearing rounded.
  3. The face length is the greatest number here whilst the rest of the face, forehead, cheekbones and jawline are similar in measurement.
  4. The cheekbones and face length would have similar measurement, and are also larger than that of the forehead as well as the jawline. The angles of the jaw are also much softer and less defined when compared to the other face shapes.
  5. The face length measurement would be the largest. The others would be in descending order: cheekbones, forehead then jawline. The chin also tends to be pointier.
  6. The forehead measurement is the greatest number for this face shape, it would be wider than the cheekbones and the jawline. The chin is also pointed.
  7. Jawline measurement would be greater than that of the cheekbone’s whilst the forehead measurement would be less than.

Hairstyles for Men According to Face Shape

So now that you have figured what shape you have, let’s tackle the kind of styles that would best suit it. Keep in mind that these are just general suggestions, in order to make a hairstyle truly individual, you are free to add your own twist to it.


  1. Oval face

Oval face shapes are the ideal for most women, but some might find it less masculine. It is symmetrical and well-proportioned, however, which provides plenty of room for experimentation. In fact, any hairstyle would look good with it. If you’re the kind of guy who likes to play around with looks and you’re not afraid of trying out more unique hairstyles then take this as your greenlight to just go for it. If you have an oval face shape, you can do this without too much worry.

That said, there are still a few things to keep in mind if you want maximize your face shape. Create angles and volumes up top by wearing your hair away from your forehead. The best hairstyles show off a shorter cut — trimmed on the sides whilst keeping the topmost a bit longer than the rest. A side parting also works best for this and is very flattering. Do avoid a full fringe too as putting too much weight on the forehead can actually soften your features and make your face appear round.


Oval shape haircuts example

  1. Square face

This is the face shape which most men covet as it is seen as the masculine idea. It emphasizes a very strong jawline, evenly proportioned features and a very chiseled appearance. It’s all about the angles, after all. Much like the oval face shape, it serves as a great foundation for many different styles and can be versatile enough to allow room for some experimentations. From clean cuts to longer styles, there’s plenty to choose from.

However, do keep in mind that the shorter your hair cut, the more severe you can look. Think military. Some men like this look as it gives them a cleaner appearance and is also much easier to maintain. But if you want something a bit more rugged or devil may care, going a bit longer also works. The most flattering looks for people with square face shapes would be the classic styles: side parting, close fades and short layers all work best.

Want to soften the angles of your jaw? Try sporting some light stubble.


Square shape haircuts example

  1. Rectangle face

This is the longest of all the face shapes and is a cross between an oval face and a square. Now, this particular face shape is a bit tricky, but with some smart styling, you can make it work. Begin by making sure that your chosen hairstyle doesn’t put emphasis on the length of your face. Do avoid making the sides too short if you want to keep the length of your hair up top. If you go too short on the sides, this would elongate your face shape even more. Keep everything balanced and do avoid too much length at the top too.

Try a haircut that falls smoothly along the sides of your fames to soften the lines and cut some of the length. You can also sport a soft fringe, this would also create the illusion of a shorter face and make it appear narrower. Do avoid beards as a full one would lengthen the face even further. Instead, go for some light stubble to a short beard. These should soften the angles of your face effectively.


Rectangle shape haircuts example

  1. Round face

For rounder faces, what’s needed is some definition. Because there are no clearly visible lines and angles, you would need to create some structure with your hair style. Something that has a bit of height up top like a quaff or a pompadour works really well for this. What you’ll need to avoid are front fringes as it could easily flatten your face even further. Cut angles in your appearance by adding square corners in the higher recesses of your hair. This should also sharpen any soft edges. As for beards, sporting a full square one would help with thinning out your chin area and lend you the appearance of having a more chiseled jaw. It will definitely add a lot more masculinity to your look.


Round shape haircuts example

  1. Diamond face

This is one of the rarer face shapes and as such, it does require a bit more experimentation if you want to find the best hairstyles for men with this particular face shape. The best bets would be hairstyles that have more width around the forehead and chin area. Fringes are flattering and would provide structure as well as texture to the forehead area. Longer hairstyles, like those which can be tucked behind the ear also bring out the subtle bone structure of a diamond face shape. It is one of the most flattering looks for this shape, actually.

Be careful with cutting the sides of your hair a little too short as this can make your cheekbones look wider or your ears look bigger. Always go for layers and softer lines, this would blur out all the harsh angles of your face. Side sweeps, side parts or even a 5 o’clock shadow would all give you the appearance of a narrower chin.


Diamond shape haircuts example

  1. Heart face

For this particular face shape, you’ll need to structure your hairstyle so that it provides you the illusion of better proportioned features. First, you need to avoid haircuts that are very closely cropped. This would only accentuate how narrow your chin is and put emphasis on the width of your forehead. Your best bet would be a mid-length hairstyle, something that’s side swept as that is always flattering on just about anyone. Longer hairstyles that are kept somewhat thin would also work to soften your face shape’s strong forehead.

People with heart shaped faces would also benefit a lot from having facial hair. It would add some weight to their narrow chin and give the appearance of a chiseled jawline. Remember, it’s all about adding fullness to the lower and much narrower half of your face.


Heart shape haircuts example

  1. Triangle face

This is basically the complete opposite of a heart shaped face and as such, the volume should be spread evenly and more along the sides. Nose-length styles with much fuller sides would certainly add more definition and depth to your look so do opt for those types of haircuts. Beards should be avoided as much as possible too for having even some light stubble can put emphasis on the jawline area.


Triangle shape haircuts example

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