Short Haircuts & Hairstyles For Men 2017

Over the years, men have become more conscious with how they look. Fashion is not just for women anymore; men are also joining in the craze with their bolder and playful statements today.

Although men have jumped on the longer hair trend, shorter hairstyles will always be the game for most guys. Because short hairstyles for men are easy to wear and can look both professional and casual. These remain the reigning king for men’s fashion.

Despite being short and seemingly simple, men’s short haircuts are actually capable of being stylish. These haircuts also offer a lot of room for creativity. With the right cuts and styles, short hair can improve the overall look of any guy.

So if you want to achieve that trendy look, check out the ultimate guide for men’s short hairstyles below.


Factors to consider for the perfect hairstyle

Face shape

Choosing the right hair type

Hair density and texture

Things to remember before getting a short haircut

Latest hairstyle trends for 2016 with pictures

Factors to Consider for the Perfect Hairstyle

Choosing the right hairstyle is not as simple as what it seems. You cannot just pick a hairstyle that you like from the internet or a magazine and ask your stylist to do it.

There are various factors that should be considered to achieve the perfect hairstyle for you. Each factor affects the outcome of your chosen hairstyle. Each determines whether the hairstyle will suit you or will just look plain silly instead. Hence, it is important that you consider the following factors below.


Face shape

One important factor that should be considered when selecting a hairstyle is the shape of your face. Basically, there are 7 face shapes that can be determined by measuring the cheekbones, face length, forehead, and jawline. These shapes are the following:

  • Diamond. Diamond-shaped face is one of the rarest face shapes. Thus, it needs a special treatment to keep the diamond shape accentuated.

Suitable hairstyles: Front fringes that can add width to the forehead. Side sweep and side-parting also works to soften the natural angles.

Avoid: Taking the sides too short, as it will make the ears bigger.

  • Heart. Heart-shaped face is a fairly rare shape. A few optical illusions may do the trick to keep the shape proportioned.

Suitable hairstyles: Mid-length swept look or a side part with bangs. Facial hair might also add bulk to the narrow chin and jawline.

Avoid: Tight cuts, as these will accentuate the chin’s narrowness and the forehead’s width.

  • Oval. Oval-shaped face is symmetrical and well-proportioned. As a general rule, it suits almost any hairstyle, as it is considered the most flattering shape.

Suitable hairstyle: Classic shorter cuts with short on the side and longer on the top. Round shaped haircuts such as ‘Caesar’ also balances the oval face.

Avoid: Forward fringe, as it softens the features and makes the face even rounder.

  • Rectangle. Rectangle-shaped face is the longest of its kind. A subtly tweaked hairstyle is needed to avoid making the face even longer.

Suitable hairstyle: Well-proportioned style. Make the top as flat as possible, while it falls on the sides of the head. Having hair over the forehead also balances the shape.

Avoid: Taking the sides too short while the top has too much volume. Also, never pair it with beard, as it will only elongate the face even more.

  • Round. Round-shaped face has no obvious lines and angles. Men with this shape have rounded chin. Asymmetry in the haircut is the key to balance the extremely rounded face.

Suitable hairstyle: Square or angular cuts. Flat tops, pompadours, and faux hawks compliment a rounded face.

Avoid: Forward fringes, which can make the face rounder.

  • Square. Square-shaped face is considered the masculine ideal. Like the oval, men with square face can also sport any hairstyle.

Suitable hairstyle: Classic tight haircuts such as side partings, close fades, and short layers.

Avoid: Perfectly cutting out the hairline, as it will highlight receding hair.

  • Triangle. Triangle-shaped face has narrow forehead and wider jawline. Because of these features, it needs the opposite treatment of the heart-shaped face.

Suitable hairstyles: Volume and texture is the key for this shape. Style the hair with lots of volume, keeping the sides fuller while the overall cut angle rounder.

Avoid: Growing beard, as it will highlight the jawline more.

Short hair type

Another important factor in choosing the right hairstyle is your hair type. There are four types of hair: straight, wavy, coiled, and kinky. Each type determines which hairstyle and hair care strategy you need.

  • Straight. Straight hair grows without curving or bending. However, it may get very light curves for every 3 inches because of hair wear and tear.
  • Wavy. Wavy hair loosely curls, resembling a wave like pattern. It changes direction every 2 to 3 inches.
  • Coiled. Coiled hair curls and grows with spiral-like shapes. It coils as it grows out of the hair follicles because of the tightness of the curl.
  • Kinky. Kinky hair curls in very short lengths, e.g. in less than 1/8 inch. It is a tighter expression of coiled hair, turning into sharp kinks as it grows. Kinky hair is also called afro-textured hair.

Hair density and texture

The perfect hairstyle also depends on the density and texture of your hair. The density refers to the thickness of your hair while texture has something to do with the hair shaft’s thickness.

There are three types of textures, namely: fine, medium, and coarse. Like the types, each texture also suits specific hairstyles better. For instance, if you have a fine hair, then you should consider styles that can make your hair appear thicker and richer with volume. On the other hand, a thicker hair may go for a straight style, which can appear finer and shinier.

Choosing the perfect hairstyle is all about balance. It is all about complimenting the other features of your face. Thus, it is important that you familiarize with your own features. Once you have determined all of these, achieving those cool short hairstyles for men is just within your palm’s reach.

Things to Remember Before Getting a Short Haircut

Before you visit the nearest salon, keep these important things in mind to achieve the trendy short hairstyles for men you desire.

Choose the right salon

Choosing a salon to do your haircut can make a big difference to the end result. And the best way to find one is through word of mouth.

If you know someone whose haircut fits to your liking, ask where he gets it done. This may sound simple, but the problem is that men tend to shy away from discussing their favorite hairstyles among other men. They either believe it is a taboo, or it is against their “men’s codes.” And this is one mistake that you should not be committing.

If you want to achieve that perfect haircut, do not be afraid to ask. Ask for personal recommendations among friends. Know which salon they get their hair done, and how was their experience.

Once you find a salon, you may also want to build a good relationship with your barber. You may ask him some pieces of advice about haircuts that best suit you. Barbers are expert on hair matters, so they would be able to tell what style fits your head shape, hair type and more.

Choose a hairstyle

Style ideas for short hair are all over the internet today. It would not hurt if you do a little bit of research and choose a hairstyle that you like. Familiarize yourself with men’s short hairstyles 2016 trends if you want to achieve that hip and trendy look.

When finding a reference, make sure that it is realistic. Find references that would fit your hair. Consider the factors mentioned above and ask your stylist the right questions.

Describe your cut

Once you find your style, it is now time to hit that salon. Keep in mind that hair stylists are visual workers. They can work better if you bring a picture with you.

However, if you are that guy who would not want a picture of a celebrity on their phones, then you must learn the art of describing. Yes, hairstylists are experts, but they are not mind readers. Saying what you want with a vague description might not be enough for them to visualize it.

Learning a thing or two about hairstyling terms can up your chances of getting the right cut. Here are some terms you can use to describe your desired haircut:

  • Ask for a tapered cut if you do not like all the sides to be of the same length. Tapered cut means the hair gets gradually longer from the bottom to the top of your head.
  • Ask for a tapered neckline in the back if you want to follow your natural hairline. Or another option – squared neckline if you want the hair cut straight across the back.
  • Ask the stylist to add some texture on the top of your hair if you want it to become more manageable. Texturing is great for men with thicker hair, as it will thin the hair out.
  • If you have longer hair, tell the barber how much you want it cut off. Saying you want your hair off the collar means a neat, professional look.
  • If you want a fringe, or bangs, tell the stylist how long you want it to be in the front and when swept to the sides.
  • If you want more dimension and movement of hair, ask for a layered cut.
  • Know the settings of clippers to use. If you are not sure about the clippers’ setting, ask your barber to begin with a longer setting to shorter until you get your desired style.
  • Use inches when specifying the length of hair you want.

Once you are familiarized with the things mentioned above, you are now ready to get your haircut done. While at it, you may also want to check out the latest men’s short hairstyles 2016 trends below.

Since the recent years, we have seen both new and recurring hairstyles sweeping the world like a storm. From the resurgence of classic Caesar cut to the reign of undercut, the short hairstyles for men have gotten more creative and playful over the years. And the same holds true for this year.

With that said, check out these men’s short hairstyles 2017 trends to help you decide which one you should sport next.

  • Angular Fringe



Angular fringe

Since its popularity in 2014, the angular fringe remains a trendy hairstyle up to this date. While this suits all face shapes, it works best with round-shaped face. This can be achieved by getting tapered sides and a long top, while keeping an angular cut.

  • Brushed Up Fade

Brushed up is an easy and quick to style hairstyle, with longer top and short sides and back. Adding a fade on the sides makes this style even more stylish.


Brushed up fade

  • Burr Cut

Burr cut is a variation of the induction cut, which is discussed below. The difference is that it can be clipped with razors #1 to #3, leaving a much longer hair than induction’s #0. Burr cut is a low maintenance style, and can be styled in various forms. Some would prefer a clean look, while others may go for artistic designs carved on the sides.


Burr cut

  • Butch Cut

Butch cut works best if you want to achieve that masculine look. It is a popular cut for enlisting in the military. Because of its short length, it is another low maintenance style for men who are always on the go.


Butch cut

  • Buzz Cut

Buzz cut is popular today because of its youthful style. The short hair allows a shaved design on the sides or the back. It is also the popular among athletes as it lets them keep a short hair without compromising style.


Buzz cut

  • Caesar Cut

Dating back to ancient Rome, the Caesar cut has remained popular among men today. This style keeps the sides and back shorter while the top a bit longer. It is manageable and perfect for every occasion. The Caesar cut also fits men with long faces and broad forehead.


Caesar cut

  • Classic Taper

The classic taper is another timeless style for men. Men with this style sports short sides and back while the top is long enough for styling. It works best with oval shapes, strong cheekbones, and short foreheads.


Classic taper

  • Induction Cut

Induction cut shaves all the hair with electric razor. The hair is reduced to the shortest length possible, making this style low maintenance and suitable for almost every face shape.


Induction cut

  • Pompadour

Pompadour was once a style for women, until men tried it out and became a trend these days. It is achieved by clipping close the sides or with a fade, while keeping a longer top. You can comb the hair forward and style it with gel or mousse.


Pompadour hairstyles


  • Side Part

Another classic, the side part keeps the hair on one side while the rest is brushed over using hair products. Side part gives a clean, sharp appearance and a stylish look.


Side part haircut

  • Simple Casual

Simple casual is achieved by keeping the sides and back short while the top longer. With this style, you can just let the hair do as it pleases. Hairstyling does not have to be complicated, as simple casual is a low maintenance style to begin with. A little gel or cream will just do the trick.


Simple casual

  • Simple Short Haircut

Simple short is a versatile style—it is not quite professional or casual. In this style, the top is kept longer while the sides and back are kept shorter. It is perfect for those who do not fuss much about their hair. However, it can be styled with a little gel and tousling the hair to create bedhead or spike looks.


Simple short

  • Slicked Back

Another of the short hairstyles for men is the slicked back style. In this hairstyle, you just need to use a product to hold your hair back. You can achieve either a badass or classy look.


Slicked back

  • The High and Tight

Another military-style cut, the high and tight shaves the sides and the back while leaving a shortly trimmed top. If you are looking for a strong and noticeable hairstyle, then high and tight might just be perfect for you.


The high and tight

  • Undercut

Considered as one of the most popular cuts today, the undercut features a long top with crazy disconnections and fades on the sides. It is all about sharp contrasts, with long and short hairstyle at the same time. The undercut style fits not only straight hairs, but also curly ones.




Now that you have enough style ideas for short hair, muster the courage to get that hairstyle you desire. Remember the factors in choosing the hairstyle to achieve the perfect cut for you.

Following the guide above should help you achieve the short hairstyles for men that will be perfect for you. Keep everything in mind the next time you go to the salon to have your hair done.


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