Popular Top Medium Length Men’s Hairstyles And Haircuts

Even though most men prefer short hairstyles due to the easy maintenance, many medium men’s hairstyles are also comfortable and can be styled in minutes. If you have a long hair and you have planned for a new style or to go for shorter length then you should not miss trying few exotic looks. Keeping your hair in medium length will give you the comfort of getting both the professional look and the casual look as you want it. Here are few must try styles for medium length listed out for you.

Popular Men’s Medium Hairstyles

Guys are on the lookout for popular men’s haircuts as they always want to stay with the changing fashion world. Not only the clothing but also the hairstyling plays an equally important role in the appearance of men. Some may prefer to stay on a single style for years but most men prefer for a change of hairstyle every now and then. Even the celebrities keep changing their look.  When it comes to popular men’s haircuts everyone will remember David Beckham and Brad Pitt as both of them are the daring persons to try all the haircuts from buzz cut to the long men’s hairstyles. They are the trendsetters. So they have inspired quite a lot of young men in to the try for new hair cuts that will suit them the best. Now here let us see few interesting popular haircuts.

Worn Back Style

This type of hairstyle for men is a neat and tidy style. The hair is worn back and is literally tucked behind the ear. The lengthy hair is combed back in a rather defined way that keeps you look professional.


How To Style:

  • Wash your hair with shampoo and condition it
  • Towel dry the hair
  • Apply few amounts of styling pomade in your hair
  • Then comb your hair with a medium toothed comb.
  • Then run your fingers through the same to ease the comb lines
  • Then allow your hair to dry

The Free Spirit Style

This men’s hairstyle will be suitable for men with tight curls. It will keep your hair on its own flow yet will keep it in place


How To Style

  • Wash your hair with a moisturizing shampoo and condition it
  • Wring out the excess moisture with a towel
  • Use a styling serum to add more moisture and shining to the hair
  • Then let it to dry on its own

Textured Hair

These types of medium hairstyles for men will be suitable for men with perfect or medium straight hairs. The random textured look will make you look young.


How To Style:

  • wash your hair and totally dry it with a towel
  • Then work required amount of hold styling cream through your hair
  • Then blow dry your hair and work your hair from side to side with your fingers
  • This will help you get the random textured hair

Layered Long Hair

This is a most trendy hairstyle that styles your hair a bit away from your face. This men’s hairstyle will make you look totally charming.


How To Style:

  • Wash your hair with shampoo and condition it.
  • Then wring excess moisture out of your hair.
  • Then work your hair with the styling serum
  • Blow dry your hair and while doing that comb your hair backward away from your face with your fingers
  • Then use a spray to keep your hair in position

Tribal Texture

Men with tight curls should really go for this hairstyle. This is one of the medium hairstyles for men that have fauxhawk on the top and braids on the sides. It’s a manly hairstyle.


How To Style:

  • Work a nourishing oil through your conditioned hair that will make your hair less frizzy
  • Make curves at the sides of your head following the curve of your head
  • Then braid each section
  • Finish it by using a hold styling cream on the braids and top of the head.

Smart Style

This will be one of the men’s hair styles that will help you look smart. Just a smart way to look smart. The tailored haircut will give you the handsome look.


How To Style:

  • Work on your damp hair with a light weight smoothening lotion
  • Blow dry your hair with a brush to control and volume it
  • Play with your fingers on the fringes and crown area to give a light separation
  • Finish the look with a light hold spray.

Surfs Up

A naturally wavy hair will best suit this tight look. These types of popular men’s haircut will suit well for professional occasion or even a casual evening.


How To Style:

  • Work on your damp hair with the curl enhancing lotion
  • Give a wavy look and make separation of the strands of hair with your fingers while blow drying it
  • Then slightly brush it up
  • Finish the look with a light hold spray

Catwalk Cut

This is a dapper fade cut. It is a look for perfection and neatness. The hairline will look beautifully defined with these haircuts for men.


How To Style:

  • Work on your damp hair with a moisturizing serum
  • Blow dry your hair
  • Finish the look with a light hold spray

Fringes Cut

Fringes fit very good with any type of hair. It is quite popular among the men with long hair. Fringes may do the magic of changing your personality altogether.


How To Style:

  • Work on your damp hair with a thickening lotion
  • Blow dry your hair creating separations with your fingers
  • Finish the look with a light hold spray

Modern Pompadour

This men’s hairstyle will suit well for men with thick hair. This cut will keep your hair highly polished and neat.


How To Style:

  • Work on your damp hair with texturizing lotion
  • Blow dry hair along with a brush to give control to your hair
  • Makes the sides smooth and brush your top hair up and over
  • Finish the look with a medium hold spray

The hairstyles mentioned above are totally exotic styles that will suit well for medium length of hair in men. So go ahead try it and feel the change. Every now then the specific haircuts for men become popular. So if want to stay along with the changing world keep updating to the modern era of fashion.

What type do you prefer?

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