Trendy Thick Hair Hairstyles For Men

Men’s thick hairstyles are in wide varieties and style. But managing your thick hair is as much pain as thinning of the hair. It makes things worse if you have a thick and curly hair. The hair will be very unruly. It will be a painstaking job to keep such hairs under control. But you will have one advantage of trying all the trendy and cool hairstyles for men. Still to keep your hair in position you should fill your wardrobe with the best hair styling products in the market. But the investments in the best products will always be worth. Cheap products may spoil your hair. Always go for brands that will help you to style your hair perfectly and to texture leaving your hair healthy.

Men’s Thick Hairstyles

Thick hairstyles for men that are now in trend are listed out here for you.

Blown Back Hairstyle


This is one of the classic men’s hairstyles that will help your thick hair to look neat and tidy. Make close cut at the sides and back. Leave the top hair quite lengthy to get the blown back hairstyle. Shampoo the hair. Blow dry the hair. While blow drying comb your hair backwards with your fingers to texture it. Then using the styling gel style your hair to the desired look. Using a comb will help to achieve a classic look. Blown back thick hairstyles for men are good for curly hair too, as it makes your hair look less messy. This hairstyle suits all the occasions.

Crew Cut Hairstyle


The best way to manage your unruly thick hair is to make it short. Men’s hairstyles for thick hair are usually tough to maintain. So it will be easy to keep up if the hair is short. Crew haircut is easy to maintain. In the same way it looks professional and trendy too. It suits all occasions. Tapering the side, back and front with perfect lining in the front makes the look totally admirable. You can style your short hairs with the help of gel.

Curly Comb Over Hairstyle


Men’s hairstyles for thick and curly hair are easy to achieve but tough to maintain. To bundle up your curly hair in a place you can go for this hairstyle. You can make the sides short and leave a little lengthy hair at the top, long enough to comb over. You will certainly need a gel to keep it in position. This will give a professional look and suits for casual occasions too.

Pompadour Comb Over


Thick hairstyles with pompadour will help you keep your hair away from your face. The pompadour will anyway need the right styling product to keep in position and to attain the required style. You can add a classy look with the help of gel giving it the sexy wet and shiny look. It gives you the professional look and will pair up well with business suits. But this comb over hairstyle also goes well with trend.

Long Thick Hairstyles

The Long thick Hairstyles for men are in abundance. Those with thick hairs are lucky and those with thick long hair are luckier. You can try all those gorgeous hairstyles trending the millennia. Not to say the matching of a perfect beard to match the hairdo. But with the good look comes the burden of maintenance. As the length goes the problem for hair like breaking and hair fall will pair up easily. But provided you get the sufficient nutrients and you keep away your hair from adverse effects you can easily enjoy the luxury of having the thick and long hair.  Even though you have lots of trending styles here you can see the most comfy yet trendy styles of hairstyles for men.

  • The High Bun


Anyone growing their hair quite long will aim to achieve the high bun. The high bun is achieved easily.  Work the styling cream on your hair and let it blow dry. Then collect all your hair to the center of your hair like you are putting your high pony. Then make the hair into a bun using the elastic. The slides and elastic will help you hold the bun in place. A well groomed beard with the high bun can make the best hair dressing for any occasion with long hairs. Thick hairstyles usually involve taming your hair. Similarly the high bun keeps your hair at check.

  • Haircut The Samurai Style


The samurai style was made famous by Brad pit. That will keep your hair away from your face yet allows the hair flow freely at the back. It needs a lot of styling cream. Comb few hairs to the center of your head and make a messy bun. So that the hair flows messily from the bun. This is a very classy style. The attitude in you can be easily achieved through this style.

  • Short Length Bob Long Hairstyle


Ashton Kutcher fame bob long hairstyles for men are an elegant hairstyle that’s trending among young guys. It is more of a mid length style. Groom you hair by blow drying and working it with the light weight styling cream. Part your hair at any one end and let the bangs swipe through your forehead. It will make you look young and stylish.

  • Tight Curls


It is time to let out your knotty curls to free flow. The curls can be maintained through the curl controlling creams. Enhance your curls through your finger while styling it. Then part your hair in the middle. No style can be more daring than letting out your curls. You will stand unique in a group or crowd. Thanks for your curls!

  • Shoulder Length Hair With Bangs


If you have a naturally tamed straight hair then you go for men’s hairstyles with bangs. The hair cut till the shoulder and the bangs swiping through your forehead will make you the most attractive guy. You want to wear the playboy look then mess with your bangs. You want to be all professional slick it back with your fingers. There you are ready to even deliver a business speech.

The above styles will help you to get a new style quite often. You have seen few ways to tame your unruly thick hair. Why do you still wait? Go ahead and try some spicy thick hairstyles.

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