Cool Men’s Hairstyles 2016

Cool Men’s Hairstyles

Are you bored of your monotonous outlook and appearance? Check out the cool men’s hairstyles available in abundance that will totally make you either an elegant sophisticated man or an outrageous tough guy. New men’s hairstyles keep emerging from time to time depending on the mood of the people over the period. Sometimes all new designer cut will be famous and other time come back of retro style will hit the fashion world. So keep looking out for the trend to fit you in the fashion world. Here you can know few cool hairstyles for men.


Clipper Cut


If you are a -live it for today- type of guy these type of clipper cut cool hairstyles will totally an adorable choice for you. The clipper cut gives you a defined look. Make a clean look at the sides and back with the help of clipper cut. Your stylist should be expert to achieve the proper clipper cut. Then make layers with the hair on the top. Make the layers perfect so that they blend in totally. As a finishing touch make round neckline with the neck trimmer. This is one of the hairstyles for men that will be totally modern. In the clipper cut you can vary the length of the hair on the top to achieve different outlooks. A medium length on the top will make a neat and tidy appearance with clipper cut at the sides. It will be more professional if you make the neckline sharp continuing it to the ears and side burns. You can make cool men’s hairstyles by making the center hair longer enough to make a near pompadour. That will make you so cool and all tidy.



Men with thick hair can try all cool hairstyles. If you have abundance of hair on your scalp and you want to keep it in place then this style will be your best choice. Start from the sides and back of your head. Trim them evenly. Then leave the length of the top to two inches. Then combine it with the sides and back. This short layers cut is one of the cool hairstyles for men that will turn you into a lovable guy. Girls will certainly adore you.

Curly Hair With Bangs


If you have curly hair then you will have variety of choices in men’s hairstyles. If you have wavy curls then bangs will make you look all sexy. Leave your wavy bangs fall on your face. Do not make it too short. Keep your hair at medium length that will make you look so handsome. The casual look goes well for your casual occasion or your office and school.

Messy Short Haircut


All cool hairstyles go well with a beard. So does this hairstyle. Cut the sides and back hair very short leaving lots of hair in the top and crown. With the help of styling products work on every strand of your hair with your fingers. Make it as messy as you wish it to be. Do not forget to leave some hair on your forehead. These types of hairstyles for men are very easy to style and maintain every day. Finally a matching beard will make it messier.

All the above cool men’s hairstyle will suit well if you have the right stylist with you. Try out the one that best suits you and show off yourself in cool style.

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